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David A. Baird, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Baird understands that beauty comes from within, so he works to create a personalized treatment plan to help the inner you shine through. Along with creating a plan to enhance, protect, and preserve your healthy skin, he also puts an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle to give you the radiant skin you desire.


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Why Choose a Private Practice?

Did you know Dr. Baird is the owner, proprietor, and practicing dermatologist at our Farmington office? We’re a completely private practice with a focus on being down-to-earth, active, present, and accessible. Many dermatology offices are in the process of consolidating under large, remote private equity firms who outsource much of the work and place distance between patients and their healthcare professional.

With no quotas and a completely independent office, our team is uniquely equipped to provide excellent care that puts your satisfaction before profit. There’s no agenda when it comes to pushing products and services, and Dr. Baird can help you get the care you need – no strings attached.


Real Stories

“It's hard to find doctors that will actually listen to you and find the best fit for YOU not just what they assume, Dr. Baird was perfect with that.”

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with over 20 years of experience

Dr. Baird works with you to create an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve the youthful, healthy-looking skin you deserve.