Dr. David Baird understands that healthy, radiant skin can be the first step towards confidence. Confidence can shine through in many different areas of life, and your skin should be no different. With many different treatment options for your medical and cosmetic concerns, Dr. Baird and his excellent medical staff can help you create a treatment plan that leaves your skin healthy, clear, and beautiful.

Dr. Baird is invested in the West Bloomfield community, bringing not only dermatological care, but also service in many different areas. He advocates a healthy lifestyle as the best way to achieve a sound body and mind, and ensures all of his patients feel comfortable, understood, and cared for.

Cosmetic Services

Not everyone is lucky enough to have clear, smooth skin, but Dr. Baird can find the best cosmetic treatment for your specific concerns. Whether it’s an in-office treatment, an injectable, or skin rejuvenation, there’s no need to cover up your problem areas. We offer the following treatments to the West Bloomfield area to get you great results:

Medical Services

Sometimes, your problem areas can require professional help, and Dr. Baird can accurately diagnose and treat your skin conditions with comprehensive solutions and effective methods. Treatment also begins with education, and Dr. Baird can answer your questions and ensure your results remain long-term. These treatment options are available to patients in the West Bloomfield area struggling with conditions that might require professional treatment:

Skin Cancer Services

Skin cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in the United States, but also the most easily treated if detected early. Dr. Baird can ensure you’re educated about protecting your skin and remaining alert to signs of cancerous activity, as well as offer effective treatments for existing areas. With excellent care and steps to take towards preventing skin cancer, you can remain healthy and cancer-free with these services available to the West Bloomfield area:

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An affluent charter township within the metro Detroit area, West Bloomfield is well known for its abundance of small and medium-sized lakes that offer many recreational opportunities, as well as scenic ones. It hosts a handful of relatively well-known celebrities, as well as a sizeable Chaldean population which has created the United States’s largest Chaldean cultural center.

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