Dr. Baird is a popular, board certified dermatologist due to his vast experience and his ability to give his patients undivided attention at all times. He has been working tirelessly with his patients to create personalized treatment plans which help with the protection, preservation, and enhancement of their skin. A dermatologist should work towards the detection, diagnosis, and management of various skin conditions. Dr. Baird and his team recommend that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you retain your youthful and radiant skin.

The personal and professional approach of the team is the reason why patients have full faith and belief in Dr. Baird. Patients in West Bloomfield can visit Dr. Baird to get the correct diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, cosmetic services, and surgical dermatology services. These MedSpa services are the non-surgical services offered at our center in order to help with skin conditions with a package of minimally invasive procedures.

Cosmetic dermatology services

While you may require a surgical procedure for certain skin conditions, there are other skin issues which do not require surgery, like wrinkles and unwanted hair that can be dealt with using cosmetic procedures alone. Patients in West Bloomfield can benefit from Dr. Baird’s vast experience in case of skin issues like hyperpigmentation, spider veins, acne, scars, sun spots, and wrinkles. The best cosmetic treatments, including lasers, injectables, and medical-grade peels offered at our center in West Bloomfield, will help you achieve youthful and even skin. Cosmetic dermatology services that you can opt for at our center include:

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West Bloomfield is a charter township in Oakland county and lies within the Detroit metropolitan area. It is also known as the ‘lake township of Oakland county’ since it is dotted with lakes of small and medium sizes. The largest lake in the county, Cass Lake, is located here. A few miles from it are the Pine Lake and Orchard Lake, both with private country clubs on their shores. There are several expensive restaurants and high-end boutique stores on the Orchard Lake road. In fact, it is the most expensive place to live in Oakland county.

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