If you’re struggling with the annoying, recurring symptoms of eczema, you’re not alone. Many people in and near Novi struggle with irritation, inflammation, redness, and dryness that causes them to avoid certain clothes they like or skip out on activities they might otherwise enjoy. Learn more about eczema and your options for getting relief from your symptoms in Novi.

Eczema Symptoms

There are many different symptoms that can affect a person with eczema – diagnosed or not. The most common symptoms are swelling, redness, irritation, buildup of dead skin cells that looks scaly or rough, and even darkened pigmentation. A person with eczema might experience just one or many of these symptoms in response to a specific trigger or allergen or many of these symptoms regardless of a stimulant.

Getting diagnosed by a dermatologist is the first step toward seeing improvement and ideally permanent solutions to your eczema outbreaks, since every patient is different and requires different treatments.

Eczema Treatment Options

Many eczema treatments result in side effects, complications, and risk factors, which is why at Farmington Dermatology, we rely on a proven and symptom-free treatment for eczema called narrow band ultraviolet light therapy. This treatment targets the symptoms of eczema without the side effects of other topical therapies or other solutions.

Narrow band UV therapy stimulates the skin to produce Vitamin D as well as interfere with the inflamed, irritated cells that are causing your symptoms. Together, as the increased production of vitamins helps heal and strengthen your skin and the UV light destroys cells that aren’t functioning correctly, people can experience relief from eczema without the risk of side effects or lack of effectiveness of other treatments.

Meet Dr. David Baird

Dr. Baird is a board-certified dermatologist who has spent his whole educational career in Michigan, and his professional career in and around Detroit. With his own practice in Farmington, he sees patients for both cosmetic and surgical services, helping treat serious conditions like skin cancer as well as improving the look of people’s complexions with non-surgical therapies.

Patients enjoy his calm and friendly demeanor and the thoroughness of his diagnosis and recommendations for treatment for eczema. Conveniently located near Novi, MI, Dr. Baird’s practice is a comfortable, well-respected practice for all your dermatologic needs.

About Novi, MI

Novi is a northern suburb of Detroit located in Oakland county, just a few miles north of Ann Arbor as well. It grew quickly in the later 1900s as a symptom of white flight from Detroit and is now home to over 65,000 people. Notable sites in the township include the historic Township Hall south of the Grand river as well as several homestead sites and farmsteads. Today, Novi continues to grow quickly as a hub for several major highways and the location of several international headquarters of many businesses.