Anti-Aging Technology: Reduce Wrinkles With Morpheus8

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Everyone wants flawless and smooth skin that lasts. The best way to achieve this is to lead a healthy lifestyle and practice a good skincare routine. Healthy living includes staying active by exercising regularly, drinking adequate water, eating healthy foods, and sleeping enough. However, all the skincare routines and healthy living in the world will not stop the natural aging process as you get older.

What Causes Facial Aging?

Your body’s natural collagen and elastin production declines with age. These two proteins are responsible for giving the skin its shape and structure. The collagen protein helps your skin stay firm and well-toned, while elastin keeps the skin supple and elastic. The decline of collagen and elastin causes a decrease in natural oil production as well.

With slowly decreasing amounts of collagen and elastin, the skin will show wrinkles and fine lines, reduced elasticity that causes increased laxity, and uneven texture and skin tone.

The great news is that advancement in non-surgical aesthetic medicine has made it possible to replenish, renew, and rebuild the proteins and nutrients you need to keep your skin elastic and youthful. Morpheus8 is a new anti-aging microneedling device combined with radiofrequency (RF) energy that will rejuvenate and revitalize your skin from the inside out.


Morpheus8 provides a safe and effective way to activate and accelerate the natural process of renewing the skin without the risk of causing damage. It also helps remodel and reshape subdermal adipose tissues and improve contour structure that supports the skin caused by facial deflation.

How Morpheus8 Works

Morpheus8 is a next-generation micro-needling device that uses a therapeutic level of fractional RF energy that boosts collagen growth and stimulates elastin renewal in the deepest dermal layer.

The device renews the skin’s building blocks by revitalizing it on two levels. The first process involves making micro-channels across the skin surface that triggers the production of collagen. The second delivers a controlled RF energy throughout the skin layers and helps restore and reinforce its structures. The dual action is what makes this treatment a long-lasting solution for facial rejuvenation.

Morpheus8 can help clear out acne scars, stretch marks, and other flaws. Its technology is safe and effective on any skin type and color.


The results are evident a few hours after the first session when the mild redness and swelling subsides. The results will continue to improve in the days and weeks after each session. The minimum number of sessions for optimal results varies by person and desired appearance, but most people need between one to three.

Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation in Farmington, MI

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