What is Botox?

Botox® is an injectable treatment used to block muscular nerve signals that cause muscles to retract and cause unwanted facial wrinkles.

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Available in Northville, Botox is a popular nonsurgical injection that temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face caused by repeated facial movements over time. Common areas where Botox is delivered are forehead creases, crow’s feet near eyes, and frown lines. Botox can also be used to diminish neck bands, lift the corners of the mouth, soften the jaw line, and correct a gummy smile.

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Who is a candidate for Botox?

Candidates for Botox include those seeking treatment in Northville for unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. These may be caused by smiling, frowning, squinting, and even chewing.


During the procedure from Dr. Baird, a very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of botulinum toxin into specific points in the facial muscles. By carefully choosing which muscles receive injections, your Northville healthcare provider weakens the wrinkle-producing muscles while protecting your natural facial expressions. The injection process usually takes under 15 minutes with the number of injections depending on your specific facial features and extent of your wrinkles. Since no anesthesia is required, there is no recovery time for Botox and all normal activity may be resumed immediately. Results may be noticed within a few days, with full effects being reached in up to a week. These improvements can be expected to last about three to four months.

Risks and Safety:

Although Botox is generally safe and risk free, there are a few important things to remember after treatment as well as side effects to look out for. You should never rub or massage the treated area as it can cause the botulinum to migrate to another area of the face, possibly causing temporary facial weakness or drooping. Side effects and complications of the treatment include bruising, flu-like symptoms, headache, nausea, redness, or temporary facial weakness or drooping. Although rare, the toxin could spread beyond the treatment area causing symptoms such as breathing problems, trouble swallowing, muscle weakness, and slurred speech.  Contact us today for more information!