Injectable Treatment Options to Fight Aging

By on November 27, 2017 under Injections

As you age, your skin can start to lose volume and elasticity, often resulting in facial lines and wrinkles. If you want younger looking skin without going under the knife, you might choose from several injectable treatment options. Injectables can smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles to reverse signs of aging on the face.


Facial fillers can be used to add volume to the face and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Restylane and Perlane are two injectable fillers that use a hyaluronic acid formula to achieve this. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin to provide moisture and nutrients, making this formula compatible with your natural skin! Using a very thin needle, the formula is placed into folds or wrinkles and massaged to ensure even distribution. With the use of a topical numbing cream, this process it virtually pain-free with very little downtime required! Results are immediate and can last for six months or longer. You can receive effective results after just one treatment, or you might have several sessions for optimal results. treatment with fillers is also a great way to maintain youthful looking skin and prevent further wrinkles.


Years of repeated facial expression such as laughing, frowning, and squinting can result in lines and wrinkles on the face. Botox is an injectable treatment that uses a purified botulinum toxin formula to treat wrinkles. By targeting specific muscles responsible for creating wrinkles, Botox can temporarily reduce activity to create a smooth appearance. Botox is a great option for common areas such as frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes. After treatment with Botox, you can enjoy smoother skin right away with results that last for three to four months. Although results can be noticeable immediately, it might take several weeks to experience the full results of treatment.

Choosing the Right Treatment

The treatment you choose will depend on the extent of your wrinkles, skin type, and goals for results. your dermatologist can examine your skin and discuss your concerns to help determine which injectable treatment you can benefit from. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Baird.