Is a Chemical Peel Right for Me?

By on December 19, 2018 under Chemical Peels

If you’re looking to begin adding professional skincare treatments to your regimen or you simply want a little something before your big event, chemical peels may be one of your best options. These treatments are highly versatile and can be customized to your unique skin concerns, meaning they can be one of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin and leave it healthy and glowing. Here are some ways to know if chemical peels can benefit you.

My concerns aren’t responding to my at-home regimen

Most patients have concerns like oiliness, wrinkles, texture, or pigmentation, but these don’t always go away with an at-home product regimen. Sometimes, deeper treatments can be required to produce effective results, and chemical peels can be a great option. This is because chemical peels use specific, higher-grade chemical solutions to remove dead skin cells that contribute to these concerns. This process can boost cell turnover and reveal a new, healthy layer of skin that will respond better to skincare products. If you’re looking to treat a specific concern, a chemical peel might help better address it.

I’m a good candidate

Chemical peels can come with some danger when it comes to your skin, despite their great results. This is because the skin cell regeneration process can produce hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones and complexions, so it’s important to consult your dermatologist first. Additionally, a history of keloid or abnormal scarring can be reason to avoid chemical peels. Be sure to speak with your dermatologist about any skincare treatments you’ve undergone recently or any retinoid products you’re currently using, since these can affect your results.

I’m ready for some downtime

Since your chemical peel is tailored to your concerns, your peel might come with some downtime afterwards as your skin recovers. Deeper peels can require more extensive downtime, with the deepest peels requiring weeks of recovery and medications. However, most surface peels require one or two days of avoiding sunlight and certain skincare products. It’s important to take care of your skin during this time since you’ll want to make sure it rejuvenates smoothly and without complication. You’ll be provided with care steps to follow after your peel treatment, so you should be ready to ask questions and make sure you keep your skin healthy.

Regular chemical peels can be one of the best ways to maintain healthy, smooth skin and gradually reduce your skin concerns. To meet with Dr. Baird and begin discussing your treatment plan, contact our Farmington office by calling or filling out our online form to schedule an appointment.