Treat Your Acne with a Chemical Peel

By on November 30, 2017 under Acne, Chemical Peels

Acne can affect any skin type at any age and can often be difficult to treat at home. If you suffer from acne or marks left from acne, you might benefit from a chemical peel. Chemical peels use a chemical solution containing one or a combination of acids to fight acne and improve the appearance of your skin! Find out how it works and what you can expect from an in-office acne treatment.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid peels contain a beta hydroxy acid that is used for its antiseptic properties. The acid is effective in treating acne by penetrating the follicle and clearing any debris and bacteria from the pores. The acid formula also works on the surface of the skin to remove any dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores and the formation of whiteheads and blackheads.

Glycolic Acid

Even when your acne clears, you can be left with frustrating scars that won’t seem to fade! Glycolic acid is formulated from sugar cane and has exfoliating properties to target the surface of the skin. This type of peel is superficial, meaning it does not go beyond the top layers of the skin. By causing the top layer of skin to peel and removing dead skin cells, glycolic acid can help to reduce the appearance of acne marks as well as other skin blemishes. This type of peel works on all skin types.


Downtime after a chemical peel is minimal and side effects are usually mild and clear up quickly. You might experience some redness and discomfort in the day following treatment. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure for the first several months after treatment for optimal results. After your treatment with a chemical peel, you can notice clearer, smoother skin. Along with improving acne and acne marks, chemical peels offer many other skin benefits such as improved texture and reduced appearance and age spots and wrinkles.

A consultation with an experienced dermatologist is necessary to determine which type of chemical peel you could benefit from for your acne and skin concerns. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Baird.