What You Should Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

By on November 30, 2018 under Tattoo Removal

Are you looking to remove a tattoo that you just don’t want anymore? Perhaps you got the tattoo when you were young and it’s no longer your style, or perhaps you simply don’t like looking at it anymore. No matter the reason, laser tattoo removal can help to remove tattoos of many shapes and colors! Read on to learn more about this treatment and how it works to eliminate tattoos for good.

The Treatment

Laser tattoo removal at our office uses a Q-switched laser, which breaks down ink particles in the unwanted tattoo using short laser pulses. Different wavelengths of laser light are used to treat different colors of tattoo ink. Any broken-down ink particles are removed by the body’s immune system during the healing process. Multiple treatment sessions are needed to achieve desired results.

How Long Will It Take to Remove My Tattoo?

The speed of your tattoo removal will depend on your skin type and your tattoo. The Kirby-Desai scale is an effective tool for analyzing the number of treatments a tattoo will require for removal. This scale accounts for factors such as Fitzpatrick skin type, location on the body, tattoo layering, ink colors, amount of ink, and any pre-existing scarring.

Are There Side Effects?

Following your laser tattoo removal treatment, you may experience some side effects, including redness, tenderness, swelling, blistering or scabbing, bruising, or hyperpigmentation. However, with proper aftercare, these side effects are temporary.

Will Results be Long-Lasting?

Once your tattoo is gone, it will be gone forever. However, it is important to fully understand that your tattoo will not be gone after your first treatment, and that multiple sessions are needed for optimal results.

If you are interested in learning more about laser tattoo removal, contact our Farmington office today to schedule a consultation appointment.