Why It’s Important to Protect Your Skin From The Sun

By on June 20, 2022 under Skin Cancer

Almost everyone loves to spend time outside. It’s a great way to get exercise, reduce stress, and take in some vitamin D. However, it’s also important to practice proper safety when spending lots of time outdoors in the summer heat. Studies show that the majority of skin cancer is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet light by the sun. Ultraviolet rays are a type of radiation, and if you aren’t using sunscreen, the only protection you have from it is the earth’s atmosphere.

It’s even possible for the sun’s harmful UV rays to reach your skin during cooler times of the year, even on a cool, cloudy day. The radiation can even be intensified by bounding off reflective surfaces like snow, water, and sand. There are several ways to keep yourself protected while still enjoying life out in the Sun. Some of these are passive ways to stay protected, and some of them take actual effort and awareness. Here’s how to protect yourself from sun damage while spending time outside this summer.


Being aware of shade is a great way to stay cool and protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Shade is all around us, and you can even bring your own shade in the form of an umbrella during beach or park trips. Keeping yourself shaded is a great way to reduce exposure to the sun’s radiation – and to cool off so you don’t overheat.


Paying attention to the clothing you wear is a great way to combat ultraviolet rays too. For example, wearing a skirt instead of shorts is a great way to provide your legs with protection while still remaining cool and comfortable. Dark colors are also a great way to give yourself an added layer of protection against the sun, but they can attract heat . If you want lighter clothing that will still provide protection, then look into specialized UV-protective clothing. Finally, wearing a hat will protect your face, back, and neck area from the Sun’s rays.


Ultraviolet radiation doesn’t only pose a danger for your skin – it can also be detrimental to your eyes. Wearing sunglasses during a bright day isn’t just a way to increase comfort; it can also protect you. The most protective sunglasses are the kind that wrap around the temples of the head. They prevent light from coming in from the sides as well as from the front.


A broad-spectrum sunscreen is probably the best way to protect yourself from the Sun. A good sunscreen will block both UVA and UVB rays. An SPF, or sun protection factor, of 30 or higher is recommended for extended exposure to the sun. Make sure to also apply it at least 30 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours for best protection.

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