Why More Millenials Are Opting For Botox

By on December 10, 2020 under Botox

Millennials are often referred to as “the selfie generation.” With increased digital exposure and the proliferation of high-quality smartphone cameras, millennials are becoming increasingly concerned with looking their best, with or without the refining benefits of digital filters.

Botox and other neuromodulators like it help erase the fine lines and other facial creases that tend to form relatively early in life. However, although the desire to maintain celebrity-like perfection explains why medical professionals are seeing a stunning increase in Botox patients around the age of 30, it only explains it in part. Let’s talk about why millennials are driving demand for Botox.

Botox Works

Botox has a widespread and long-held reputation for being one of the most effective cosmetic injectables on the market for treating both static and dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that occur at and around expressive facial muscles, are caused by the gradual build-up of tension. Each time people smile, furrow their brows, grimace in pain, or make other facial expressions, tension is created.

Over time, this repeated tension causes tiny cracks to form in the smooth foundation of collagen that supports the skin. Once these cracks exist, they’ll reveal themselves as wrinkles whenever new facial expressions are made.

Botox works by numbing select expressive muscles so the underlying collagen is smoothed out. Internet research-savvy millennials know that with moderate, regular use they can both eliminate existing dynamic wrinkles and prevent new dynamic wrinkles from forming. Best of all, they can still make a vast range of natural-looking expressions.

Botox Treatments Are Becoming Increasingly Refined

Not only are Botox injections more appealing to millennials, they’ve also become more customizable. Injectables are among some of the most flexible and adaptable cosmetic procedures available. By strategically choosing injection points and insertion methods, it’s possible to arrive at a procedure that’s perfectly in line with the needs and goals of the individual. Thus, Botox can work just as well for patients in their 20s as it can for someone entering and moving through their 40s.

Millennials Can Use Botox To Stave Off the Need for More Invasive Measures

Well educated and well aware of how facial aging works, many millennials are using Botox treatments as a preventative measure. They know that preserving the integrity of their collagen today can help them look younger long into the future. In the same way that Botox treatments for dynamic wrinkles can be streamlined to suit the individual, preventative Botox procedures for patients under 30 typically entail fewer injections, lesser amounts of Botox, and a far less frequent need for follow-up appointments.

Botox Offers a Quick and Hassle-Free Way To Improve Facial Aesthetics

Millennials are a time-conscious generation. The love of selfies and online exposure is only matched by a quest for convenience and efficiency. Botox treatments last approximately 15 minutes and they don’t entail any downtime. They are low-risk, hassle-free, and virtually pain-free as well. In fact, professionals and students can have these treatments completed on their lunch breaks and can return to their regular activities right away.

Botox Injections in Farmington

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